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Great Ideas to keep the kids busy this Easter

March 18, 2018


It’s always hard to find things to do to keep kids busy during the Easter break, so here’s some fun local activities to enjoy with your young ones: Sunnybank Community and Sports Club April 13 at 10.30am – 11.15am Be sure not to miss out on the free science show Easter Egg Hunt and Craft […]

The difference between a good and a bad property manager

January 9, 2018


The difference between a good and a bad property manager can amount to the cost of a sandwich and drink per week but will save you huge headaches. Generally speaking, when a landlord is shopping around for a new property manager the only commonly asked question is on fees.  Property managers rarely get asked what their […]

Top 10 tips for renovating on a budget

December 28, 2017

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Dressing up your home doesn’t have to break the budget.  Small changes can lead to large transformations.  Check out our top 10 tips for renovating on a budget. 1. Enhance the Entry First impressions count. Investing in a new front door (or painting your old one) can change the look of your home and enhance its […]

Beware curtain cords can kill

December 13, 2017

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Professional real estate agencies, like First National Real Estate Rochedale are aware of the dangers of corded window blinds, and are ensuring that landlords understand the dangers and comply with current regulations. Every year, toddlers worldwide become entangled in curtain cords or unsecured blind chains. However the risk is also very high for young children […]

The 6 most common mistakes made by rookie investors

November 18, 2017

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The 6 most common investment mistakes made by the typical investor Investing is a complex profession and is fraught with pitfalls for the unprepared.  Sophisticated investors understand the complexity of managing long-term investments, and in doing so void the common pitfalls of the typical investor.  Here are six of the most common mistakes made by […]

What the world’s most sophisticated investors know

November 18, 2017

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What the world’s most sophisticated investors know (that you don’t) Sophisticated investors know all about the saying, ‘greater knowledge and understanding leads to better choices’.  Whilst professional investors don’t have a crystal ball, they do have an extensive toolbox of information and analytical techniques at their disposal.  Let’s take a look at some of these […]

Why wait? Earn more now from your investment property

November 13, 2017


Why wait? Earn more now from your investment property Claiming depreciation on your investment property and using a Pay As You Go withholding variation can increase your fortnightly cash flow. Though investors often use negative gearing to offset the costs involved with owning a property, most have the aim to eventually use the property primarily […]

Lease Myths - some home truths

August 22, 2017


There are some popular common terms used in property management that, when used, can inadvertently confuse tenants.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones in series 1 of Lease Mythbusters.  Tenants are on a month by ‘month’ lease. There is no such thing as a ‘month by month’ lease under the […]

' Rent bidding' - how does it affect you?

August 22, 2017


What is rent bidding? When tenants are being encouraged by landlords and property managers to offer more than the stated rent in order to secure a rental property, they are effectively being lured into entering into the practice of ‘rent bidding’. Is rent bidding legal? Rent bidding comes in two forms: . Parties are invited […]

what is a fixed term lease?

April 12, 2017


  There are two types of tenancy agreements that a lessor/landlord and a tenant can enter into. The first is a fixed- term agreement and second is a periodic tenancy agreement. A fixed-term tenancy has a definite commencement date and expiry date. A periodic agreement has a commencement date with no expiry date. Tenancy agreements […]

Investing as an option for first home buyers

April 11, 2017

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I have always said that your day can be split into three parts. The first is sleeping, the second is spe nding time with your partner/friends, and the third is working.   So, I believe that a happy life is the sum of a comfy bed, good relationships, and enjoyable work.   This was the advice I […]

What should landlords do with tenants personal documents left behind?

April 11, 2017

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When a tenant moves out and leaves personal documents behind, property managers and owners must follow a process to deal with the papers. It is the property manager/owner to firstly try to contact the former tenant and return the documents directly.  If the former tenant cannot be contacted, certain documents must be given to the […]

10 great money lessons for kids

March 4, 2017

Family matters

I remember my father and mother giving me money advice from the time I was knee high to a grasshopper.  They were simple but compelling lessons.  1) Live within your rmeans.  2) Plan for your future, and 3) Start today.  Here are 10 lessons not to overlook when teaching kids about managing money. Lesson 1:  […]

How to improve the return from your property investment

March 4, 2017

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Improving your return from property investment is about understanding who your demographic is – who is the tenant you are targeting and who is actually going to want to rent your property. The reason why a property is not renting is not always because of price.   It may be about the physical size of the […]

What's best for investors - new or established?

March 4, 2017

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Let’s take a look at the age old property question:  is it better to build with a buyer-established property? One way to attack this question is in consideration of the property’s depreciation. Do you have to buy new to get the maximum depreciation?  People may not realise that a property which is a couple of […]

Landlords Insurance 101

February 22, 2017

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Landlord’s insurance – are you covered for what you thinkyou are? Did you know that there is a vast difference between building insurance (also known as a household policy) and a landlord’s policy? Some people may mistakenly believe that because their building insurance notes the rental amount on the policy that it automatically covers for […]

First National gets Canstar award for 5 star service

February 9, 2017


Customer satisfaction research and ratings agency, Canstar Blue, has announced First National Real Estate the winner of its 2016 ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ award, following customer research about the experience of homeowners, tenants and landlords with Australia’s largest real estate brands. In assessing quality of service delivery nationwide, Canstar Blue focused on a series of measures […]

11 ways to make your home shine on inspection day

February 5, 2017

Home Decor

Get top dollar for your home by making a good impression on buyers. Adding that finishing touch to a sparkling clean abode can give it a feel good edge that pushes a potential buyer from sitting on the fence to falling head over heels in love. All it takes is a little know how. Follow […]

How Negative Gearing Works

January 29, 2017

Real estate market

Negative gearing is a part of life for Australian investors, and a property buzz word. So what is it? Different types of gearing Gearing simply means borrowing money to buy an asset. In the case of property, you have taken out a loan to purchase a property. Negative gearing means that the interest you are […]

The do's and don'ts of planning small bedrooms

January 29, 2017

Home Decor

Small bedrooms can be tricky to decorate, often ending up as unloved spaces with little personality, because we’re worried too much stuff will shrink them visually. Conversely, small spare rooms can end up as dumping grounds for old fitness equipment, packaging or drying washing. While a typical master bedroom is usually large enough to accommodate […]