When should I involve a solicitor or conveyancer in the purchase of my home?

Before a contract is signed is the best time to get legal advice from a qualified lawyer, solicitor or conveyancer. Opportunities to end the contract can be severely limited if legal advice is sought after the contract has been signed.

When you're buying or selling a property, you are best advised to employ a solicitor or conveyancer.  A conveyancer may also be a solicitor, but it is not always required.  A conveyancer is a licensed professional who knows real estate law. They can give you advice and information, prepare documentation and help you through the settlement process. A conveyancer must be licensed in the state or territory where you are buying or selling the property.

When do you need to appoint a conveyancer?

You can hire a conveyancer at any time, however, it is best to do so prior to beginning the selling or purchasing process.  You may need a conveyancer to assist with drafting up special clauses in your purchase or sale contract.

A conveyancer can do searches for you that may reveal something about the property you weren't aware of.   If these aren't revealed ahead of time, sellers could be legally liable for the oversight. As a buyer, you may be stuck with a property that you may regret purchasing.